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In April of 1989, Bishop Aguilar moved with his family to Southern California and started an all English mission work in Irvine, California, Christian Faith Center. After a short one-year period there he assumed the pastorship of the 1st Apostolic Church in Santa Ana, California, a small neighborhood church of over 200 congregants pastored by pioneer pastor and Bishop Aguilar’s father-in-law, Francisco R. Meza. It was on August 20, 1990, when he took this church. The first order of business was to move out of the neighborhood and centralize somewhere where the Gospel could be expanded. That place was found in 1991 when the old West Coast Theater in downtown Santa Ana went up for sale. After a seven-year remodeling and upgrading process Christian Tabernacle church was dedicated to the honor and glory of God in October of 1998.

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Sundays 2:00PM
18842 Teller Ave
Irvine, CA 92612
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